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's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart with your first forecast and your komen forecast. >> not as warm as today for komen sunday but not frigid by october standards. first maryland's most powerful radar. we're tracking showers with a few lightning strikes, six in the last 20 minutes. there's a thunder shower moving toward reisterstown and 795. the leading edge of this shower complex does have a little bit of embed thunder and lightning. we'll keep an eye on that. it's all being fueled. it's one last band being fueled by this broad circulation. this swirl in the atmosphere will help push cooler air in for the weekend. so temperatures will be dropping but for this evening low 70s to upper 60s. we'll talk about how things will change by komen race day morning in minutes. >> all right. thank you. the case is cold but tonight a family is offering 10,000 reasons for someone to help identify their son's killer. >> as jeff hager tells us tonight, detectives rereleased surveillance photos to help jog your memory. >> police are hoping to turn back the clock where these surveillan
studio b and we will tell you how to get involved leading up to komen race for the cure. >> time for a check of the forecast. things will be changing after a perfect sunday out there for many of us. lynette, you say something is in the works. >> exactly. something is brewing out there. we have something brewing in the tropics. about you before we talk about that let's talk about what's happening as we go through the morning. well, we will be nice and dry and we are dealing with mild temperatures for today. maryland's most powerful radar will get more active going into the afternoon time frame. i am thinking around lunchtime we could see more showers rolling in here. and also, we have the possibility for some severe weather as we go into the afternoon. mainly in southern maryland. right now, though, dealing with temperatures on the mild side. 64 degrees in glen elg and ijamsville. peeny ridge elementary school, those winds out of the south and southwest at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. and a lot of spots this morning. so we are dealing with breezy conditions this morning and the br
with cancer. he was 72. >>> an uplifting day in hunt valley, abc2news was there for the susan komen race for the cure. we will hear from people standing up and fighting to find a cure. >>> frightening news about spray on suntan lotion, those details coming up. >>> we are cool across much of the east coast. take a look in the south, dallas, 90s, you could see 80s in the forecast. and maybe tropical conditions next week. full forecast coming up. >>> thousands united to fight breast cancer, part of the 20th susan komen race for the cure. >> reporter: it's an exodus that begins before the break of dawn. thousands of pink clad women that share in a celebration of life facing breast cancer. and each sign that reads joys' jug does not begin to tell the story. >> i was diagnosed in 2006. and it was actually a couple days before my daughter's wedding which was kind of rough. i'm still here which is great. and i'm doing well. >> reporter: doing well like the hundreds of survivors who formed a parade of pink. carrying a single rose of peace as they gathered for a group photo. celebrating their su
month. if you know anything about komen maryland this race for the cure is a great huge event stay here in our state. so it's important to get involved and raise funds. there's all sorts of great community organizations that are involved. one of them is the moveable feast where tom comes in. tell us about moveable feast. >> it's a home delivered meal program especially for people who are sick and cr chronic serious illness and -- and have chronic serious illness and the last thing when they have the illness we want them to worry about is food. we have counseling about what food goes to help people make sure they can manage their illness well and face what they are going through. >> i want to talk about how important it is and what it means to the community. people at home probably saw the three people behind us. this is to raise funds which is how you operate. >> absolutely. komen supported us for over 10 years. we are the home delivered meal program for komen here in the eastern part of the state of maryland. already this year we have served over 85 families one really great part of ko
. >> survival stories like susan's, that's why we're here. that's why we're supporting komen maryland. just pick up the phone and give us a call at 410-481-2222 and make a doe -- donation. tell us how komen maryland helps movable feast. >> komen maryland provides us with fubbing -- funding. they feed people across the maryland living with hiv, breast cancer and other forms of breast cancer. we also feed their entire families. so if you have service with us as a breast cancer client we'll feed your kids and anyone in your household as well. >> when you think about breast cancer, you think about the screenings or the treatment or the medications or the therapies. you don't think when you have chemotherapy that you're tired. >> after they spend a day in radiation or chemotherapy, they're exhausted when they get home. they don't have the energy to prepare meals or shop for meals. we deliver meals to their homes that are nutritious, that are free. another nice thing, our meals are all -- they're freshly prepared in our kitchen but frozen before they're sent out. it's as easy as popping them in the mi
survivor. >> due to october, the awareness and the komen race, october is their busiest month when it comes to breast health. >>> the race is two days away but the race is on to get more people out there on sunday morning. >> walkup registration is open in hunt valley. that's where we find cheryl conner. >> reporter: they're doing a lot of things. there's plenty of pink to go around. you can find t shirts, hoodies, gloves. if you like country music, you can find that cowgirl hat. 20% of the proceeds go to komen. they're picking up their race packets and signing up at the very last minute. iris joins us. you'll be out here on sunday morning. i'm going to give you the hat. you're going to be walking on sunday morning. you have a personal reason to do so. >> yes. i have a family member who was affected by breast cancer. so we're out here to show her support. >> what do you think that will do for her on sunday morning? what will that do for her spirits? >> this will be proud that she has family supporting her. >> okay. >> let me bring in lenore who is with komen maryland. there is a push to get
in the state of maryland by komen funds. >> and i know you do work with survivors as well. >> yes, we match our mentors up to support them through surgery, decisions, through treatment choices and also we pair up with them has they move into survivorship. >> you also work with families as well. tell us about that. >> we do. we have the ability to talk with our patients about how important it is to speak with the children about having had breast cancer and to speak accurately with the children to talk with the schools, to be able to share with the kids just the right amount of information to help them negotiate supporting their parents through breast cancer. >> how important is a partnership with komen and what would happen if you didn't receive those funds anymore. >> it is so important for us. we cover the nine hospitals, the south shore of maryland, eastern shore of maryland all the way out to frederick. without the funds, we would not be able to support the patients that we do. so, for example, through the six years of being with komen, we have supported close to 3,000 women. >> and it sound
to the east. i'll talk more about the komen forecast coming up after the break. >> well, lynette a tractor- trailer crash has shut down a portion of 83. and another accident causing heavy delays here on the beltway in parkville. i'll have your complete abc2 timesaver traffic coming up on "good morning maryland." it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >>> big event coming up this sunday in hunt valley. it's the 20th annual komen maryland race for the cure and the fight against breast cancer. abc2 news is a proud partner with the organization. and we'll be out there live for you throughout the day on sunday morning. brittany fowler jo
in towson, ceo of komen maryland is joining baltimore county executive to get people excited about raising funs for breast cancer. we are fife days away from race from the cure. it's sunday, 21st in hunt valley, abc 2 is a proud sponsor of the event. we hope you join us, we will be out there. log on to komen maryland site, we have a link at pink. we are wondering what the wets is going to be like -- weather is going to be like. >> you have the outlook in to sundays. we can get the answer we need but how thick of a coat do we need? >>i would say, pretty big coat this morning, this afternoon, maybe a light jacket. 48 now in westminster. 47 ellicott city. rock call 52. 50 goldsboro, 51 in federalsburg. tillman 54. outside, bel air, seeing plenty of clear skies, lots of sunshine, will rule throughout the day. we are going to be feeling the breeze as we continue through day. the wind northwest at 5-10, 15 miles an hour, we will have gusts up to 20-25 miles an hour as well. cold front whisked through yesterday. behind it cooler and breezier, high pressure building in, that's g
is breast cancer awareness month. we're teaming up to support the komen maryland race for the call. call 410-481-2222 or text pink to donate. think pink. >>> these ladies are sitting here waiting to pick up the phone. the phone number is 410-481-2222. give them something to do. they're smiling and eager to take your phone call. let's talk now to lisa from johns hopkins, one of the many organizations that benefits. tell us about your program and how komen helps you. >> thank you for having me. it helps fund our breast cancer ?iefership program. they can do a follow-up plan as well as talk about necessary screening and surveillance doing forward as well as addressing any social issues. we offer patients webinars, news letters, videos as well on our website. >> how would your organization be heard if you didn't receive the money from the komen grant? >> we wouldn't be able to provide all the service, educational information and webinars. >> how many people would you say you guys reach? >> well, electronic resources reach 11,000 people a month. so thousands of people would probably lose these se
-- pringle. whether you are headed to hunt valley for komen maryland race for the cure or the harvest festival, there's a lot happening this weekend. >> lynette has a check of the weather. >> it's important weekend and i think you will like what i have. this morning, though, we are dealing with some scattered showers across the area. so maryland's most powerful radar is wet. we were wetter this morning and we had thunderstorms. those are pretty much out of here as of now. dealing with light rain in joshing this morning. so if you are going along i-83 up to red lion, you will feel that. around -- delta is dry. jarrettsville drying out and one lone shower around anne arundel county this morning. we are seeing that around green haven and also lake shore. so, be prepared for the off and on scattered showers as we continue through the morning. but it will slowly but surely taper off going into the afternoon. right now, temperatures are very mild. you don't need the heavy coat at all. temperatures at 65 degrees in chestertown and 60 in clarksville and catonsville. and this is
is a tough year for komen maryland. donations are down and it could impact those fighting the disease. >> also ahead this morning you want to pay more for your electric bill? i'm guessing the answer is no. well, the governor thinks that you will want to. we're going to tell you about a gnu proposal that could have -- new proposal that could have you shelling out more money to bge. >> now you can add a baby's iq to the list to get your blood pressure checked if you're a mother. >> we have plenty of showers and cloud covering this morning. i'll tell you how long the rain will last coming up. >> well, lynette we are dealing with a crash right now on 95 here at cayton avenue. i'm tracking the delays and we'll show you what the other main lines look like coming up on "good morning maryland." >> it is ten minutes after the hour. let's look at new york now and head that way for the very latest in techbytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a new facebook service aims to get your posts seen by more folks. promote will move your selected posted to the top of your friends' news feeds for a pr
. by the weekend, we are looking at cooler drier air. the komen race is going to start on a chilly note. like it did last year. but we will stay dry. not bad at all. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. well, we are dealing with several accidents, big trouble right now on 83. where the southbound lanes are shut down between freeland road and old york road. here's a live picture -- actually a picture from the scene of the crash that happened just before 4:00 this morning. three tractor-trailers are involved. two of which hit head-on. three people have been critically injured and 83 south will be shut down through the morning rush. use york road instead. we have more problems on 695, here's a live look in parkville right now, where we have a crash on the inner loop at harford road. do expect half delays as you travel down to 95. this is what the beltway looks like over the west side at liberty road. a 13 minute right now on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a lock at your abc2 timesaver traffic. char low over to y
telling you about the komen race for the cure all month long. >>> and you may not be sleeping as easy, the new tools thieves are using to break into your hotel room. abc 2 news at 11 starts right now. >>> one month ago police told us a baltimore man died from taking drugs and witnesses stepped forward with a different story and they said he died from blunt force trauma while in custody. >> reporter: three baltimore city police officers are on paid leave but unless they are arrested and fired, the family will protest on the 21st of every month. >> 6, 7, 8, 9. >> reporter: a number for every day since anthony anderson died in east baltimore. his mom says he was on his way to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. >> and they killed him on her 2 2nd birthday. she'll never forget it. >> reporter: anderson's mom was surrounded by his five children and three grandchildren sunday marking one month when he died from a con confrontation with police. but she says she witnessed her son coming out of a corner bar before he was approached. >> they hit my son over the head and threw him down on th
is saying they're in trouble. >> yes, stay with us this morning, we're going to tell you how komen right now, komen maryland says they have taken a financial hit, what they say could be to blame. >> and how much would you pay to to be one of the top dogs on your facebook news feed? would you be willing to pay it? we'll take a look in just a bit. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> for the first time, komen maryland is admitting it's hurting financially. >> the organization that helps women with breast cancer, they say that their donations are down about 50%. with the success of the first ever komen race for the cure in ocean city. the group didn't expect to be this far behind with their goals. they have called those who aren't running in the race for the cure later this month to find out why. people right now saying that they are hurt by the economy and that there are a lot of other charities. >> search for the cure is going to go on
to produce the child resistant store bottles. >>> we want it remind you about the 20th annual komen race for the cure. you can register by calling the number on your screen. 410-433-race or head to komen md/2012. we're happy to be partners with komen maryland. we want you to think pink all month long. just log on to pink. >>> always looking forward to the big 5k in hunt valley. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. now more isolated activity north and east here on the eastern shore, northern delaware, a thunderstorm over smyrna. further south and east a line of showers from easton, through the calvert cliff area. there's still some rain but around the immediate baltimore area the roads are wet. at the moment getting a bit of a lull in the action. live look over baltimore's inner harbor where we have 70 degrees. humidity almost 100%. that, plus very light winds will be a recipe for fog through the overnight hours, expecting to see patchy dense fog into your early morning. so watch out for that. show you downpours, tough to see the key bridge high atop ccb
komen. men who had higher levels of lycopene were 50% less likely to have a stroke. a balanced diet including five servings of fruits and vegetables a day could prevent many strokes. >>> the generic version of a popular antidepressant drug isn't working for some people. tests show that wellbutrin isn't as effective. the maker is pulling it from pharmacist -- pharmacies. >>> october is breast cancer awareness month. we're working on the latest efforts. we're thinking pink and helping you get your questions answered with our think pink house call segment. call through 6:30. we have experts stand buying top answer your questions -- to answer why are questions. we have a professor of oncology. doctor, thank you for joining us. >> self-breast exams are no long are recommended -- longer recommended but many women, especially younger women may be able to examine themselves and feel a lump. women should know their breasts and report any abnormalities, any new findings they mays -- may notice, change in shape. >> talk about the screening guidelines. still 40? >> for women at average risk it'
. >>> in five days we will be out raising money for breast cancer, komen race for the cure is coming up sunday, october 21st. we are a proud sponsor of this event. there is time to register. log on to komen we have all the information on our website, pink. >>> time for a check of the forecast. lynette, can you give us a peek ahead. >> do you want it now or wait for the 7 day? >> let's talk about what is going on now as we are looking at mainly dry conditions, we are a little bit chilly this morning, we are seeing the cold front that's passed through. also a little bit breezy behind the front as well. we can see the winds west, and northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. this will be the scenario as we head through the rest of the day. also, we will have gusts up to 20 miles an hour. now, temperatures are in the upper 40s from catonsville to shady side, edgewood, westminster, 49 mount airy and rockville. eastern shore, 52 in denton and also rock hall this morning. at the surface, the high prus this will build in throughout the day. cooler, breezy conditions behind the
will be a sea of pink this sunday. this is all for komen maryland race for the cure. >> it's more than just a run but a chance for you to help thousands of women across the state battling breast cancer. >> linda so is live this morning in hunt valley with the preview of what we can expect. linda there is time to register correct? >> reporter: there is. it's going actually happen today, tomorrow and on race day. you can register on any of the days. we are here in the parking lot of the hunt valley town center right in front of dick's sporting goods where you can come today at the old filen's basement location to register. thanks for being here. so people who want to register there's space and time available. >> they can come out to hunt valley to the old filen's basement and they can do register today from noon to 7 p.m. and then tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. they can register online and that's www.komenmd.o org/2012 and they can come out and get the shirt on race day. >> reporter: and those who make the last-minute decision they can come out. >> they can. we are hoping the weather is goin
involved in this year's komen race for the cure. abc2 is a proud sponsor. for more information for the komen race for the cure call. >> turns out then is no longer in when it comes to your eyebrows. getting that perfect arch can be a challenge. women are turning to eyebrow transplants. doctors used to take the hair off your head and put it on your brow but now they're harvesting hair from your arm, leg, neck. patients won't seat full results for months. >>> gorgeous day, sunshine on tap. temperatures into the upper 60s. dundalk, bright sunny scenario and a really noise looking fin nirchlt havre de grace over the susquehanna river. how about a last camera look in baltimore at robert w. komen. take a look in baltimore. temperature now into the basically upper 50s to low 60s across the board. 61 at the airport. wind is light and variable at seven miles an hour. ocean city at 60. 58 in hagerstown. 54 in oakland. winds from the south five to 10. the wepts will be turning -- winds will be turning north and being up steam. if you plan on going out on the town, bring an extra fleece la
the age of 9. children 9-17 must have a parent or guardian present or signature. >>> komen race for the cure is coming up, taking place in hunt valley in just about two weeks. there is time to sign up, we want you to join us every year. thousands run and walk to raise awareness and raise money for breast cancer treatment and research. job the komen race takes place sunday october 21st in hunt valley. register by calling this number 410433 race. or always log on to komen >>> we are starting to think pink all month long at abc 2. we are partnering with the university of mailed green bomb cancer center for a think pink house call segment. medical experts will be in our studios to take calls and answer questions that you may have about breast cancer, they will be available from 5:00 until 6:30 tonight. >>> attorneys for the jerry sandusky sex abuse case are expected to meet with a judge today to discuss tomorrow's sentenci hearing. the former assistant coach was convicted of child sex abuse earlier this year. he is expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars. fb
. somebody bikes non -- by two men known as the tutu brothers. they take these to susan g. komen events across the country. the help traffic control at intersections. no word on were the bikes are. the theft will not stop hundreds of people from marching the mass of walk to raise funds for the massive fight against breast cancer. despite the cold, there will continue on all weekend. john gonzalez with more this noon. >> it is a sobering reality, we all know someone has suffered from breast cancer. 1700 people walking the streets all over the district. it is the start of the 3 day susan g. komen walk. it is a very inspiring very motivating. the national spokesperson. but a survivor as well. tell us about the fight you are fighting right now. >> i may for your survivor. and one of our mission statements is that everyone deserves a lifetime. and i am so grateful to be living out mine right here in d.c. today. >> how critical are the swaps for this foundation? what they are so important. thanks to events like that, they invested millions of dollars to breast cancer research since 1982. we a
from a big event aimed at fighting breast cancer. time for the susan g. komen washington 3-day. how you can >> its friday morning. >> all week long you have been hearing about the nobel prizes. the nobel peace prize will be announced today. jummy olabanji has the latest. >> norway's public broadcaster says it has confirmed the european union has received this year's nobel peace prize. we will officially find out the winner after 5:00 this morning. that's when the five-member panel will announce the winner. but several sources in norway are reporting that the european union will win the nobel peace prize. reuters is citing some of their sources, saying they will win for uniting europe over several financial crises. we are watching all of our affiliates overseas, waiting for the official announcement, and we will update our viewers as soon as we get that. back to you. >> thank you. thousands of people about to hit the streets to take a huge fight in the step against breast cancer. >> the susan g. komen walk takes off in a couple hours. they will raise money for the fight against breast c
cancer by taking part in the susan g. komen race for the cure. >>> you, too, can joint thousands and you can register on race day in hunt valley. it opens up at 6 on sunday morning. if you can't join us, watch it on or on our mobile app. we'll be live starting at 7:00 for three hours as we join the thousands of folks or taking these steps to help end breast cancer. >>> now the story of a miss woman from portland. 21-year-old whitney hikele took -- went to work and hasn't been seen since. >> reporter: as police in oregon continue their search for 20-year-old whitney hikele, detectives said they have found the strongest clue yet. >> we found whitney's cell phone. >> reporter: children followed it near several trails. >> i recognized the face. >> reporter: investigators are dissecting it for evidence. >> that's aery favorable find for us. we can do dna analysis, fingerprints. >> reporter: whitney was supposed to show up for work at this starbucks tuesday morning, just five minutes from her house. the barista never made it. her atm card was used at a gas station two hours later
the suspect had in his position. wççÑçÑ >>> komen maryland's big fund- raiser is october 21st in hunt valley but here's another spot to help you fight the disease. >> absolutely. this weekend at loch raven the skeet and trap center. there we go. i don't know if some of you are trying to tell me something. hosting a clays against breast cancer fund-raiser. the goal is there is to raise 10 grand that they raised last year and top that. >> it goes from 9 to 5 on both days. so get out and check it out. >> stay with us this morning. a bus driver punched in the face. who the police are looking for this morning. >> good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> air watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland." >> it could be worse than originally thought. we have new information on meningitis outbreak spreading across the country. >> breaking news for you yesterday on good morning maryland. and now investigators are looking into what caused a fire on fleet street in fells point. >> playoff baseball begins tonight in texas. the o's wouldn't to -- want to come home but first
of a huge event in the fight against breast cancer. we have a live look at susan g. komen 3-day walk. "good morning washington" starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it's friday, october 12. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we will get to add iam. >> it will be chilly for the wall. temperatures tomorrow morning will be close to freezing in some locations just west of washington. -- it will be chilly for the walk. it's now 36 degrees in leesburg, 45 in germantown. walworth, 40. culpeper, 43. it will be even colder 24 hours from now. partly cloudy today, cool and breezy, high temperatures in the mid-60s. 64 degrees with a northwesterly wind at 10-20. you will notice the wind today. tonight the wind will diminish, but it will be cold, and 20's in outlying areas northwest of washington. nearly 40 degrees along the waterways. there is a freeze what that will be in effect in the dark blue shaded county's tonight. i will detail the weekend forecast coming up. now to angela. >> early motorists having an easy time for the
should walk away. >> tonight for the first time komen admitting its hurting. hurting financially. in an interview the organization that helps women said donations off 50%. >> its been challenging to watch some of our progress slow down a little bit. >> reporter: even with the success of the first ever race for the cure here in ocean city nobody thought it would get this bad. >> easy to hang in there when you really believe in the cause and you believe in the mission and you believe in the work. >> reporter: here we are 18 days the 20th race for the cure and programs programs are hurting. people trying to pay for treatment may not be able to afford them. >> women may not be screened. >> reporter: earlier this year ey cut funding to planned parenthood and then reversed its decision. did this controversy hit the local chapter? >> i don't think specifically the planned parenthood is. i think there is confusion between the national organization and the local organization and the difference between them. >> reporter: and the difference is the local never dealt with planned parenth
under hot topiis. 3 bad day for the komen mmrrland race for the cuue fund. fundraiser.organizers ay as the 20th annual event approaches in hunt valley....registrationssfor the run....walk ..... are off 42 percent and donations are down 55 percent.... the experts say its more likell a pallout from the controverrial decision by its parent organization earlier this year stop funding the social serviies organization ...... lanned parenthooo.. komen eeecutives worry that fewer women get mammograms and - orioles fans are hoping for some more of that o's magic ton! pars around baltimore to watch the big game this eveninngts a do-or-die game against tte texas rangers. if the 's win... they'll ace the new york yankees... here at home for game one of the american league division series. but ii they losee.. that'll be the pnd oo their rare, post-season ssretth. norman elkins 1420 ii's like watching the ravens n the superbowl. it's like you're excited but you doo't want it been uch a ggeat eason 0 kyle keesler/pickles pub 440 it's great for the city. it'ss great for the fans.
. >>> you have plenty of time to get involved with the komen race for the cure this year's race is in hunt valley on october 21st, a week from sunday. abc2 news is a proud sponsor. or the cure, register by r komen >>> the maryland zoo in baltimore is a great place to go with the kids to see the most magnificent creatures on this earth. >> there is a ton going on this month on the grounds. wyatt everhart has been checking out the elephants. have you seen baby sampson, who is not such a baby anymore? >> reporter: it's amazing display here. in fact, we have someone we are going to talk to in a second. let's give you a zoom in on the magnificent creatures, they are in their mid 30s, one of which i believe in the lead maybe dolly, we have ana out there somewhere in the backdrop, a big dog, tough fi is lingering. it's an amazing display, one of many at the maryland zoo. with that in mind, i want to bring in amy, you have your smaller creature here, let's walk down this way. this is beaker. tell us how beaker got his name. >> beak ser an eastern screech owl, he was injured in the wil
-ing -- coming months. the komen race for the cure will take place october 21st. call 410-433-race or log on to komen slash 2012. >>> our hot topic centers around the hlly days. the neiman christmas book includes nearly 500 items ranging in price from $10 to over $1 million. among them a walk on roll to "annie" the musical. while this seems extravagant, we want to know from you how much will you be spending this holiday season -- more or less or like last year? >> all right. here's what's going on. take a look at at lot of clouds. this is the shot from parkville. parkville middle school. we stayed into the 50s. we popped around 50 during the midday hours. we'll see fog and drizzle come into play. beautiful shot. here's the shot downtown. you can see the humidity level is 72%. we're ago fog. so had will draw in moisture. 64 was your high. fog day of blow average temperatures and 94. 61 in frederick. fog and drizzle. notice a lot of clouds. a few of the pop-up showers east showing scattered showers and the hour by hour forecast does reflect that. 55 around 8:00. we're down to 53. 51
the forecast for the komen race is all coming up. >>> you want to grab some breakfast. coming up in a bit why that meal could be your most important of the day. >> and living in baltimore means saving money. why one study now says living in the city is a real bargain. >> and most parents want their children to go to college but is it really worth the price tag? we're going to tell you how much you could owe the government after graduating from an institution of higher learning. >> well charlie a crash involving several tractor- trailers shut down a portion of 83 in baltimore county. i'll have all the details coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic. and you are looking a live look in -- live in new york city at the statue of liberty. stay with us, much more coming up. >>> 4:42 on this thursday morning, and another great reason to eat your breakfast. it can help your brain. nutrition experts say not only does breakfast take the edge after your appetite. they also found skipping the meal affects the brain and alters what you choose to eat throughout the day. they say eating breakfast helps you av
. then their final debate will take place october 22 in florida. >>> well, the komen three-day walk for the cure is under way. participants gathered r the opening ceremonies and the first leg of their 60-mile journey this morning. the walkers are looking to raise money and make a personal difference in the fight against breast cancer. >> i'm an oncologist in new york. my sister passed away from breast cancer. we're walking in her honor and in honor of all the patients i treat on a daily basis with breast cancer, trying to cure to make sure all women and men realize that we support them fully. >> proceeds from the 60-mile komen walk for the cure support national breast cancer research and outreach programs. the journey will conclude on sunday at the washington monument. >>> coming up on 9news now at noon, some important pies of white house history are going up on the auction brock today. we'll have details in just a moment. >>> also, after 123 million miles, the space shuttle endeavour is on its final journey. we'll have details when we come back. >>> the price of mailing a letter is going up. th
morning. tomorrow starts out dry. tomorrow night we could see rain. cooler and drier saturday for komen race day. gorgeous day, sunshine, but it will be a cool start down in the upper 40s, so maybe put an extra layer on when you're headed out to walk. we'll put it back in real quick. again, next week you're going to like this. next week temperatures into the mid-70s for the rest of the outlook here. don't forget to check out the iphone app. again, on your iphone and or droid. check them out, wmar in the search bar. that will pull up the stormno c0 >> reporter: instead of attributing it to the controversial youtube film. say.'s what the president did >> no acts of terror will shake the resolve of this great nation oar despite misstepped by both, their running mates call them both winners. >> a man of principles, gumtion, a steady hand. >> what we saw in governor mitt romney was a leader who has the solutions, who has the ideas on how to turn this economy around. >> reporter: no surprise that those two men are split on who watch. debate watchers are relatively split. take a look among deb
feet and back on the job. >> day one of the komen three- day walk. hear from one woman [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nuing home fees eight times. an and as president, hidgs but cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing homeme ca. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. >> this morning, teams started .heir journey i >> natasha has the details of ed >> day 1ing appear of this three-day what is here. finishing up 20 miles of walking and one woman that we've met on waterfront today. she survived breast cancer three times. you may have noticed a sea of pink descending on the braves today and along the georgetown waterfront. day one of the komen walk began today. these ladies " a little fun at breast cancer with the costumes probably inspired by dolly parton. >> we got a tacky outfit. >> ma
the world on fire. >> for this year's komen maryland race, her school of the team of 90 students running in her honor. >> i don't think i will ever have children. it's all my friends at this age are having babies and i -- so i'm having to have concrete ways to feel really successful like i have an impact and i'm leaving a legacy. >> i am beating cancer. i am beating cancer every single day. just by getting up and getting out of bed. i love talking to other survivors because i'm able to say to them, look at me, i'm worse case scenario. i have cancer and my lover, my lungs and my bones. and i'm still living a full life. bridget married her college sweetheart alex in august of 2009. they met five months before she was diagnosed. he traveled the world. in between her 10th centuries, more than 20 different drugs and at least three clinical trials. this august, they bought a home. her next goal, leading to see her 30th birthday, july 16. she says the fight for cure must go on. >> there are days when i feel sorry for myself and i'm too sick to get out of bed. i need people behind me on my sick
cook. >>> good morning, it was perfect weather for the susan g komen race and nice to see everybody support each other. if you are traveling through the tunnels, there is nothing to get in your way. fort mc henry, nice and clear. no delays on the jfx. you are looking at a typical 11 minute ride from towson, all the way downtown. as we check in and look at the west side of the beltway, liberty, everything is moving along. no problems to route 40. parkville, harford, no problems to report as you travel from harford, all the way up towards towson. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >>> we begin with breaking news, coming out of federal hill. crews are on the scene of a house fire on battery avenue, east giddings street. firefighters had to evacuate the building. we have a crew on the way to the scene and bring you more details throughout the morning. >>> other top stories on this monday. he wants to protect you by becoming the top cop. bass will find out if he gets the job. the council is expected to approve his appointment as the newest police commissioner. he spoke in front of
. >>> thousands of people are expected to participate in komen maryland's race for the cure. we hope you join us. there is still time to get involved. we hope you join us. register by calling this number, it's 410433 race. or log on to komen, we hope you join us for the race. >>> well, you have seen him, buried in ice and submerged in the water. david blaine, what is he up to now? the latest death defying stunt that the illusionist is taking part in this morning, good morning maryland at 5:00 starts now. >> you are watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> 2.5 hour rain delay, oh, man, it was all for the game. tonight you can get back in to it. baltimore doing it again after late inning loss. the orioleses are going to need you to be louder tonight. it wasn't all bad news for sports teams. ravens sweeped out a win with kansas city. we will talk about the game, straight ahead. it is a chronic problem at schools across the country. what baltimore city schools are doing to keep kids in the classroom. details on that straight ahead on this monday morning. t
but do believe it was accidental. >>> the komen three-day walk for the cure raised more than $4 million for the research. the event concluded at the washington monument yesterday. some 1600 breast cancer survivors and supporters walked 60 miles during that three-day journey. they started off from southwest washington on friday. >> it was fantastic. got a few blisters. it was great. donate. donate. >> three days, 60 miles. very tired, ready to go home but excited. >> the event was one of 14 komen walks across the country. organizers say the washington walkers raised $3.8 million which was a lot less than what they raised last year. >>> president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are getting ready for their final day before their town hall style debate. the candidates will be taking questions from undecided voters at hofstra university in long island, new york. susan mcginnness has a preview. >> reporter: workers are getting new york's hofstra university ready for tuesday's debate. both candidates are also getting ready. president obama is hold up at a virginia resort focused on
event this sunday. the komen race for the cure in hunt valley and you still have time to register. just head to a web site on our web site to coleman's web site. >>> just listen, if you're one of the lucky few that gets invited to apple events, check your invites. the ipad is $500 with a screen, but the mini ipad will have a 7- inch screen and cost you under $300. if you bought a product with a mail-in rebate, you receive a check in the mail. a prepaid debit card, but as the consumer report shows us, a big is that you don't waste money on these debit cards. >> reporter: more and more cell phones come with mail-in rebates these days. buy $200, get 100 back. but there's a secret to the rebates the companies would rather you not know. we've all seen signs like this advertising big discounts and mail-in rebates and most cases these days, it comes in a visa or mastercard. susan arnold found a great such deal. >> there was a $100 rebate on the form that arrived the first of april. >> reporter: she decided to wait and use the card on her upcoming vacation. bad idea. wha
the breathtaking first step and how the guy is doing tonight after the jump. >> the susan g. komen man on radio: releasthe pumpkins. releasing the pumpkins. catch the great taste of pumpkin before it's gone. hurry into dunkin' donuts and grab a pumpkin muffin or donut today. america runs on dunkin'. ex. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. >> an airline passenger made the reference to a bomb in a bag is behind bars tonight. he is being held in an alaskan jail. police say he made comments about the bomb as he was getting ready to board an alaska airlines flight around midnight. the airport was evacuated and was closed for a few hours while police questioned him. >> this note that captivated a lot of people -- felix baumgartner has become the first person ever to break the speed of sound after jumping from a capsule 24 miles above the earth. according to officials, he reached a massive -- maximum speed of 833.9 miles per hour. he had nothing except a high- tech suit. he decided to go for the record. after the jump, he talked about what it was like on the way down. >> a l
to staff, they were also on hand for the big rally. >>> we want you to keep thinking pink to support komen maryland in the race. register by going to pink. you can even show up on wednesday and register there. >>> look who showed up for fourth grade at hilton elementary, superstar ray rice to congratulate them for eating right and getting 60 minutes of exercise in a day. ray told them to get up, get moving before answering questions about staying fit. this is all part of the practice. way it go, ray. >>> the deadly meningitis outbreak still growing. the latest on the number of marylanders affected. >> even if you don't make that fridge to the -- trip to the fridge teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. and this is maryland. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all tha
and support komen maryland. there's so many great programs in the state and to tell us about that is kathy she is with mercy medical center. tell us about some of the things you are doing. >> because we have this support from the maryland facility of common we are nurses helping women through the clinical trial proseans we made so much vans in treatment is because we have clinical trims and women who take part of those and because of the programs we can fund research nurse who tell them about the trials and see them through the trials and be with them after the trial. we followed them for years. it's special treatment. and very special that we can have this funding for maryland. >> what does this mean for people going through this scary and emotional experience? >> it means a tree mepous amount because it's scary time and it's a lot of decisions and because you have somebody who is knowledgeable like the clinical research nurse who can sit down with them and take the time and when women are on trials they are in the treatment room and women will say i am with that special nurse can i be on tha
to help the susan g komen for the cure. but the foundation wanted nothing to do with it. they said, quote, we are not a partner and not accepting donations and asked them to stop using our name. the site is now looking for a new charity and says it attracts up to 90 million views a month and could raise a considerable amount of money. for more let's check in with our x rated correspondents, the furry brothers. >> push, push. push, push. keep going. >> i'm assuming we will put black bars in. that was horrible. >> remi, what do you make of this? the two arguments here is one is porn exploits women, so a foundation that is looking to help women shouldn't take their money. the other side of it obviously is if they want to help fund breast cancer research you should take it. >> i am on board with the latter. whatever your opinion is about the porn industry, that's fine. but i don't see the harm in allowing this. i know it is important to most of the men in this room. if they wanted to -- i think it is a smart business tactic. it is going to make men feel a little less guilty if they do feel gu
volunteers from the komen three-day for the cure in d.c. were targeted by thieves. the bikes that they ride while cheering on walkers were stolen. ken and christian say someone must have pried bicycles from the roof of their car while it was parked at the holliday inn express thursday night. when christian posted the news on his facebook page, fellow volunteers stepped up to help. they contacted the district hardware and bike shop, which provided the brothers with loaner bikes free of charge. >> it was total surprise. but that's what the family is about. >> the hotel says the crime was caught on surveillance video and they have been sent to police. >>> the controversial posters in some metro stops as of next week, they'll have some competition. the council for american islamic relations is putting up posters to counter the message. says show forgiveness, speak for justice, and avoid the ignorance. urge people to defeat jihad and call those not supporting israel savages. on monday, a coalition of religious groups will call on metro to donate proceeds to charity that supports human rights.
are less than 18 days away from the 20th annual komen maryland race for the cure. the race will be in hunt valley on sunday, october 21st. you can register by going to our website, pink for additional information. >>> time now for a check on your weather. lynette, we always try to pay attention when it comes to komen, what the weather is going to be like because so often it's chilly. >> exactly. >> it's one of the sipes, you have the 10-foot weather and right around komen, it just gets cold. >> it does. i'll try to send good vibes that way this year. hopefully it'll stay dry and it won't be that chilly. as we look at what's going on right now, we are not at all chilly this morning, we are quite warm and we are going to say that -- stay that way as we go into the afternoon. satellite and radar picking up on clouds this morning, we have a dense fog advisory until 8:00 this morning, and a few showers starting to push out to the north and east, cecil county, hartford county got in on those showers this morning and some were on the heavy side. right now temperatures are in t
. >>> a few weeks before the largest fundraising event, komen maryland admits it's hurting, donations are off 50%. the ceo says the organization has been calling past donors to find out what's going on. she says the answer isn't the controversy stirred up earlier this year when the national komen organization pulled funding from planned parenthood. instead it's the same thing hitting all of the pocketbooks and wallets. the result is the down economy. >>> so komen maryland is asking you to start up a team and get ready for the race for the cure in the hunt valley. it's on october 21st. you can walk or run. to find out more on how to register a team, call 410-4-33 race or log on to -- >>> all right, time now for a check on the weather and we're going send it over to meteorologist lynette charles. lynette yesterday it felt a little bit like august. not october. >> i know, so that last dash of summer right? but you know what we're going to do it all over again for today. we're going to be on the warm side and then have a powerful cold front move through the area. that's in just a moment. we have
week in honor of the foundation's 50th anniversary. >>> the susan g. komen's foundation fundraising walk kicked off this morning taking participants through maryland, d.c. and virginia. here's fox 5's beth parker. >> reporter: next to the fountain at georgetown's waterfront park they hit mile 13 of their 60-mile journey. this is the komen three day to raise money in the fight against breast cancer. >> this has been fantastic. the comradery is unbelievable. i absolutely love it. >> reporter: debbie hula was diagnosed last year months after the foundation was embroiled in controversy over withdrawing funding from planned parenthood. komen reversed the decision and apologized. the controversy did not change debbie's view. >> i'm for susan g. komen no matter what. the bottom line is they're doing excellent research in protest cancer. >> three years ago my mom passed away from breast cancer at age 63. she battled 13 years and went away, came back, went way four different times and finally at 63 she passed away and i decided that it was time to do something and try to make a change so t
get a shot to protect yourself? the cdc breaks down some common myths. >>> the susan g. komen foundation kicking off a three day walk. find out why numbers are down this year. >>> also ahead, michael vick raising eyebrows after revealing his family pet. >>> this one, tough to watch. we'll tell you what happened to a bus driver who was caught on camera punching a female passenger. stay close.  [ male announcer ] president obama says he's creating jobs, but he's really creating debt. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history. hes adding almost as much debt as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china. he's not just wasting money, he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> fox 5 health alert now. a medical examiner says a man is dead. an autopsy confirms 47-year-old douglas winngate died last month after receiving a spinal injection connected t
price for the next year. >>> thousands participate in the komen three-day walk for a cure. we'll have a look back coming up. >>> a new ad campaign will be going up in metro stations to counter what some are calling a hate-filled message. 9 news now returns in two minutes. >>> welcome back. 5:37. i've got to tell you it's pretty mild outside. we've got lots of temps in itself 60s. very comfortable this morning -- in the 60s. very comfortable this morning. grab a rain jacket. a little bit of a breeze this morning. we could see a rumble of thunder mixed in during the afternoon hours. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll talk the seven-day forecast and most of the week looks pretty good. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> on the northbound side of 395 here at the pentagon, traffic is moving well to the 14th street bridge. just slow traffic on 95 northbound into quantico and prince william parkway up to the okay quain river. i'll -- occoquan river. i'll be back with more at 5:47. >> thanks, monika. >>> we've been combing through the day's deals and finding you deep discounts on this
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